10 Best home theater under 30000 in India 2021

If you are looking for the best home theater under 30000 then we are here to help you.

Best home theater under 30000

 The sound high-quality of the TV is a necessary element in playing your favorite shows on TV. Unfortunately, most of the TV units do no longer provide fantastic sound for those who do no longer favor compromising the sound quality.  But if the sound quality is no longer up to the mark, then the total experience of looking at your favorite TV shows is compromised. Luckily upgrading to a domestic theatre gadget will resolve this trouble and will beautify your TV watching experience to a unique level. If you are fascinated by shopping for a domestic theatre system, then take a look at the list of first-class home theatre systems under 30000 in India. 

Best home theater under 30000

1. Sony HT-S500RF Real 5.1ch Dolby Audio Soundbar

Make your movie soundtracks even more authentic with 5.1 channels of real surround sound. With wired rear speakers and an external subwoofer, this 3ch Bluetooth soundbar delivers deep, room-filling sound for movies, music, and more.

Best home theater under 30000 in India

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I just bought this through amazon 2 weeks back and connected it to my LG LED. The sound was awesome, your heartbeat will feel the bass and therefore the rhythm. Connected through Bluetooth and played the songs from youtube, that was amazing.. and that I must say it's an awesome product. you'll never be disappointed with the sound and price. Its value for money just chooses it.


1000 W total power output-
  • Give your movies, music, and games added depth and detail with a 1000 W total power output.
5.1ch real surround sound-
  • Get the simplest seat within the house. A Bluetooth soundbar, subwoofer, and two powerful rear speakers create an authentic cinema experience.
DTS format support-
  • The DTS format creates dynamic surround sound, bringing movies and music to life.
Stream music from your smartphone-
  • Play songs from your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection and luxuriate in your favorite tracks wirelessly.
Browse and control easily with Sony | Music Center app-
  • With the Sony | Music Center app, you'll control music streamed wirelessly and played over USB.
Dolby Digital-
  • Enjoy dramatic, high-quality surround sound from a 5.1ch soundbar, separate audio channels with Dolby Digital.
  • HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) allows you to connect with compatible TVs with one cable.
USB port-
  • Connect to music on your USB drive, control playback on-screen or from your phone, with the Sony | Music Center app.
Easy setup, straight out the box-
  • You're able to go, almost instantly. Just plugin and enjoy 5.1ch soundbar channels of real surround sound. all of your cables run into the subwoofer, so you'll keep things neat and tidy.
Optical input-
  • Connect to the optical input and enjoy the top-quality sound for movies and more.

  1. Fill the room with 5.1ch real surround sound
  2. Easy connection with HDMI ARC
  3. Wired rear speakers and an external subwoofer
  4. Easy connection with HDMI ARC
  5. USB audio playback
  6. Bluetooth connection

  • Easy to handle.
  • Multiple connectivity options.
  • No cables for connection.
  • Music center app for easy control.
  • Sleek and slim design.
  • Only 4 speakers.
  • The subwoofer becomes hot sometimes.

2. SAMSUNG HW-Q60R/XL 360 W Bluetooth Soundbar

Best home theater under 30000 in India

Before commenting anything on the home theater, I might wish to say something about the Flipkart delivery. I booked on Tuesday early morning @2AM and next morning by 8 AM it had been out for delivery. By 6 AM of a similar date as my order, the merchandise was ready for dispatch. We can’t recover from this. If we purchased it from a retailer, it might have taken more days, tiring follow-ups, phone calls all those blabberings. the sole thing, we cannot have the first-hand experience with an e-commerce vendor. So it’s a Five-star rating separately for Flipkart delivery.


  • The product is of fantastic, solid premium built quality.
  • Sound is crisp, crystal clear, can figure out and listen to even the slightest of sound with clarity. Since it's a premium product, I feel, it should have had a fanatical system for vocals, which sometimes tend to urge merged with the instruments, so on make us raise the quantity louder and seems to be handicapped in movies especially that by losing touch of a balance between vocals and instruments. However for vocals separately, it does produce crisp vocals like news, chat shows, etc.
  • Superb Bass. Since Sub-woofer is wireless, it's handier for a convenient placing.
  • Does not support Dolby Digital Plus or Dolby Atmos. But do support Dolby Digital & DTS.
  • Does support good music. I played Spotify & Apple Music, which was so good even @ a really low volume.
  • Though the Surround sound option is often played, I didn’t feel any difference. they ought to have provided satellite speakers.
  • Overall brilliant premium product and Flipkart did provide a good discount, which made it highly worthy at this price.
  • HDMI(ARC) cable was included within the package was a touch of a surprise.

Warranty- 1 Year Warranty Provided by the Manufacturer From Date of Purchase
Sales Package- 1 Soundbar, Subwoofer, Remote
Bluetooth- Yes

  • Superb bass.
  • Compact design, easy to handle.
  • Wireless connection, convenient for use.
  • Value for money.
  • Not many connectivity options.
  • No memory card slot.

3. Sony BDV-E3200 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital

Sony Entertainment Network brings to your home an all-new Sony BDV-E3200. This incredible home theater System is meant to fulfill all of your desires of feet tapping audio system within your budget. Now enjoy your favorite movies with some tasty popcorn within the comfort of your home couch. it's time for a 1000 watt output with some unbelievable Clear Audio plus benefit. Download and transfer movies from your pen drive and play them on the Sony Blu Ray home theater. Great-sounding music in one step with ClearAudio+.

Best home theater under 30000 in India

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Compared to other home theatre like Philips etc. (Not Bose) the sound quality of the Sony BDV-E3200 is basically the simplest. It's value for money as I got this home theatre system on offer for 23K rather than 30K. Also after receiving the merchandise I just had to offer a call to Amazon customer care/Sony customer look after installation. I got the installation team at my home on the subsequent day of delivery of the merchandise. The service was fast and excellent. If you're trying to find the simplest quality pocket-friendly home theatre then choose this. But before placing an order, check whether any offers are happening.

  1. S-Master digital amplifier for pure sound quality
  2. Great-sounding music in one step with ClearAudio+
  3. Easy Bluetooth connectivity with NFC One-touch
  4. Wi-Fi with DLNA for music streaming
  5. Rich surround from DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD audio
  • Value for money
  • Lots of feature/connectivity option
  • Supports most used video/audio formats
  • BASS is weak and not tight (according to my expectations)
  • Center speaker output is OKish.
  • Youtube works but a bit laggy.

4. PHILIPS HTL5160B/12 Dolby Digital 320 W

The sound quality of this soundbar is extremely good. At this price, this is often the simplest I feel. Sometimes Bluetooth drops but that's ok. This has USB and Bluetooth support.

Best home theater under 30000 in India

If you come for a TV connection then the matter occurs. With this product, we do not get any cable to attach to the TV. First I bought an HDMI cable from the local shop after connecting need to know that the TV doesn't support this. Then online ordered optical cable then our TV not supports the optical cable. Then online ordered coaxial cable, our TV support coax. Started working. Awesome sounds. If we get all the cables then it'll be good. Our before buying check your TV for configuration then order online.

  1. 3.1 CH wireless subwoofer
  2. Google Cast & Spotify Connect
  3. Bluetooth and NFC
  4. 1 HDMI in & HDMI out ARC
  5. Dedicated center-channel speaker for superior voice clarity
  6. Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II surround sound
  7. Virtual Surround Sound for a realistic movie experience
  8. One-touch with NFC-enabled smartphones for Bluetooth paring
  9. EasyLink to control all HDMI CEC devices via a single remote
  10. Touch panel for intuitive playback and volume control
  11. 2-way loudspeaker for the best clarity and dynamic range
  12. Easily send music from phone to speaker with Google Cast
  13. Philips companion app for easy network setup
  14. Spotify Connect for an effortless native app experience
  15. Wireless subwoofer adds thrill to the action
  16. Low-rise profile for the perfect fit in front of your TV
  17. Connect to one HDMI in for the great picture and sound quality
  • Bass is very controlled, unlike some cheap home theater systems.
  • The surround is also nice.
  • Woofer and satellite connect seamlessly.
  • Almost every way to connect your speaker.
  • Very compact and easy to set up, can take anywhere.
  • The Bluetooth range is OK, not that great but does the job well.
  • Setting up the speaker is a task, not a clear method.

5. Philips HTB5580/94

Best home theater under 30000

Philips HTB5580/94: specification 

1) The Philips HTB558094 Theater System is a 5.1-channel surround device that has an immersive listening experience. It has a plug-and-play USB port for added convenience. Moreover, it comes with a definitely functional system that allows you to function the home theatre machine from the comfort of your couch.

2) Philips HTB5580/94 1000W 5.1CH 3D Blu-ray has a Powerful audio system with bowed stringed instrument pipes for extremely good sound. Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio Essential supply the pleasant and most unique sound from your Blu-ray Discs. It’s a Crystal Clear Sound approach for excellent clarity and realism.

3) This Audio system approves you to connect and play your track directly on your iPod/iPhone/iPad, MP3 player, or laptop computer through a simple connection to your domestic cinema.

4) With Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, you can join the TV via wi-fi and revel in films and music. Its one-touch NFC (Near Field Communications) technology lets you connect your home to any NFC-enabled device. If you are looking for a pinnacle domestic theater gadget underneath Rs 30000, this is one of the first-class fashions available in the market in India. 

6. Philips HTD5520/94

Philips HTD5520/94: Features

1) Philips has been manufacturing home theater structures that grant wonderful sound first-class alongside issue-free performance. Priced under 30000, The Philips HTD5520/94 home theatre is a beast in its class to give a boost to your multimedia experience. It comes with a top-of-the-line sound technological know-how that can provide impeccable sound quality and comes with better features like Dolby sound and bass pipes that supply sharp and crisp sound.

2) 3D Angled Speakers of Philips HTD5520/94 disperse sound evenly around the room 3D Angled Speakers feature angled drivers to supply sound no longer only in the direction of the front however also to the edges developing a full candy spot so you’ll revel in extra immersive and cinematic surround sound.

3) Philips HTD5520/94 model comes with DTS Dolby Digital Pro Logic II surround sound and Dolby Digital decoder. This mannequin eliminates the requirement for an exterior decoder by using processing all six channels of audio facts to produce a encompass sound trip and an astoundingly herbal experience of ambiance and dynamic realism. Dolby Pro Logic II affords 5 channels of encompassing processing from any stereo source.

4) HDMI 1080p upscale to excessive definition for sharper pictures HDMI 1080p upscaling offers pics that are crystal clear. Movies in preferred definition can now be loved in real excessive definition decisions – making sure greater important points and greater true-to-life pictures.

5) Philips HTD5520/94 allows us to play media via DVD VCD CD and USB units Play truly any disc and any media gadgets you prefer – whether or not they are DVDs VCDs CDs or USB devices. Go for this model if you favor tripping the great comfort and luxury of sharing media documents on your TV or home theater system. 


 Blu Ray Logitech Z906-  Features

1) Blu Ray Logitech Z906 is one of the high-quality Home Theatre Systems available under 30000 in India in 2020.   Logitech Z 906 has a fashionable and curvy speaker layout that appears properly in any interior. It is a 5.1 Home theatre system with 4K Ultra HD HDMI (4 in/1 out) with HDR10 and Dolby Vision. It additionally helps playback of HD Audio (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, etc.).

2) It supports the 4.2 version of Bluetooth; due to the fact of this, you shall get the fantastic wi-fi sound fine and a dependable connection that transfers facts 2.5-times quicker than Bluetooth 4.1. You can move wirelessly from related devices up to 15m away.

3) With one coaxial and two optical S/P-DIF inputs, you’ll be capable to join a video games console, DVD or Blue-ray player, and set-top box for 5.1 surround sound. There are additionally two analog audio inputs – one on stereo phono sockets and the different on three 3.5mm mini-jack sockets for 5.1 surrounds.

4) Music sound pretty bass-heavy till the sub-woofer volume is reduced slightly. Overall, the sound quality is reasonable, and really loud sufficient to fill a good-sized living room, however, we shall still opt for something a little extra floor shaking for a home cinema setup. 

8. Sony BDV-E3200 Blu Ray

Sony BDV- E3200 Blu Ray: Features

1) Sony BDV-E3200 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Blu-ray Theatre System comes with a DVD player, two front speakers, 1 center speaker, two rear speakers, and a subwoofer. It’s a bunch of technologically superior and environment-friendly elements that deliver the purest viable surround sound quality and overall performance to the users.

2) Sony BD-E3200 theatre system includes the most output energy of 1000W, which is some distance lesser as in contrast with different theatre systems inside the market. The minimal output energy is one of the most beneficial aspects to keep away from losing energy consumption.

3) This theatre system is provided with unique audio+ technology. This technological know-how allows it to well make clear the sound quality and deliver the quality sound journey to the users. It robotically adjusts to the type of tune being played.

4) Sony BD-E3200 theatre system helps customers to connect smart devices with the system. The Bluetooth function can also be utilized to connect wi-fi devices like android phones, iPhones, tablets, or possibly laptops. Users can use each Bluetooth and NFC-one contact feature to connect remote devices to the system. There’s every other excellent function installed inside the system. It’s the built-in Wi-Fi technology that helps customers to join the system without delay with the internet the use of Wi-Fi. The customers can play any variety of files from the internet with the use of this feature inside the system.

5) Sony BDV-E3200 has the special 3D-Blu-ray technology included in it. this technological know-how helps customers to play high-definition movies with the use of any kind of 3D-DVD inside the payer. The DVD player helps the most modern superb video streaming. If you are looking for the fantastic 5.1 domestic theaters underneath 30000 in India then this mannequin may want to be an excellent guess for you. 

9. Sony DAV-TZ145

Best home theater under 30000

Sony DAV- TZ145 -Features.

1) Sony DAV-TZ145 theatre system includes a special feature of minimum output power. The 5.1ch device affords a whole mere 360W output power. It’s a very low-cost possible output energy that is supplied via an excellent setup of the home theatre system.

2) It has advanced points of clarity in sound quality. A 24-bit S-Master digital amplifier set up inside the system for clarity of the sound. It helps to experience a cinematic ride reception with this type of technology. It advantages the customers to journey excellent sound in a special manner. There are 6 discrete audio channels, which include a subwoofer that at the same time enhances the sound excellent and overall performance of the home cinema system.

3) Although this theatre system includes a lot of awesome features, its weight is barely 8kg, which makes it available and easy to keep adding. It can be transferred and changed easily, quickly, and with much less effort.

4) The DVD upscaling function is accessible inside the DVD player of the system. The HDMI upscaling allows customers to experience top quality and high definition content material by DVDs. This HDMI output is successful in upscaling up to 1080p for DVD layout playback 

10. Yamaha Speaker Package NS-P40

Yamaha Speaker Package NS -P40 YA- Features.

1) The NS-P40 speaker package deal includes 5 satellite speakers, of which the fronts and additionally the surrounds endure the same look. They need a 2.75-inch full-range driver in each of them and, due to the fact the name goes, they need the duty of dealing with the complete audio spectrum.

2) The NS-P40 audio system is tuned to deliver a transparent, smooth sound that’s high-quality to pay interest to for lengthy periods. Additionally, the surround audio system and subwoofer are perfectly matched for smooth sound crossover. They supply a rich, expansive sound with each tune and flicks.

3) The surround and middle models have the popular look of Yamaha speakers. Its smooth design suits their excessive sound quality and that they will be positioned in any handy location.

4) Yamaha’s newly developed Advanced YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II) merges bad impedance and constant-current groundwork to drive the speaker cone with even tighter control than previously. Its advanced bad impedance converter circuits dynamically optimize fantastic speaker impedance to take care of superb linearity. This converter circuit ensures an extra secure and accurate low range response, to now not point out greater force per unit area levels, for more herbal and full of life bass reproduction. 

Things you Must Know Before You Buy Home Theater-

Types of Speakers-

  • You must check whether you want surround sound, stereo sound, sound from the front. Accordingly, you must buy the type of speakers, 5.1 for surround sound, 4.1, 2.1 for stereo sound, and a Soundbar for sound in front.

Budget and space-

  • This is another most important factor that one should look at, the higher the budget better the quality and for space, you must check what is the size of your room. How are you planning to place the home theater next to your TV?

A/V Receivers-

  • A/V receivers are the most important component and one and only component of home theater, it ensures quality and features of advanced technology.
  • Under 5,000 speakers don’t have good quality A/V Receivers, but if you want good quality A/V Receivers then must buy an above 20,000 home theater system.

  • For 30k and 40k you don’t have to worry about technology because you’ll get Dolby Digital or DTS technology under this range without any problem.

Connectivity Options-

  • Must check connectivity options according to your need, if you need a wireless connection then check for Bluetooth or wireless options, remote but a good A/V Reciever will give you almost all kinds of connectivity options like USB, wired, wireless, blu-ray, Bluetooth, and more.


Given above are the small print of some of the quality 5.1 home theatres under 30000 and 20000 in India. Our crew has reviewed the products for extra than two months for their high quality and performance. Therefore you can think about shopping for any of the gadgets as per your requirement and budget.

We don’t recommend any specific project, nor are we related to any of the products listed above. If you require any extra important points about the products, you can contact us via the comment box, and we would be glad to help you. 

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