10 Best earbuds under 2000 in India 2021

 Are you waiting to know more about the list of 10 best earbuds under 2000 in India in 2021? If yes, then continue with the article.

10 best earbuds under 2000 in India 2021
10 best earbuds under 2000 in India 2021

Looking at the comfort they offer, it’s no shock really wireless (or TWS) earbuds have come to be one of the most up-to-date classes in tech in a previous couple of years. For starters, you don’t have to trouble with the cable. The fine absolutely wi-fi earphones can without problems be eliminated from its case, which is handy to pocket, and match snugly into the ears to hear to tune or reply to calls on the go. Earphones had an area of interest market and excessive fee tag until a few years ago, however with the mass manufacturing from many agencies such as Boult Audio, Xiaomi, and pTron, amongst others, the expenditures of these earphones now fit these of the ordinary wired earphones. The exceptional virtual wi-fi earphones are now reachable for as low as Rs 1,400. If you’re searching for a low-cost wireless audio accessory, right here are the fine actually wireless earphones below Rs 2,000 you can purchase in India right now.

1. Boult Audio AirBass Earphones

As per our analysis, the Boult manufacturer is the best earbuds under 2000 and are loved by way of most teenagers. The Boult Audio AirBass Propods TWS is one of the fine earbuds for the noise canceling and is protected with a couple of buttons. This Boult TWS product is loaded with an auto-pairing function so that I don’t have to fear the guided setup for pairing as they pair up as quickly as I take them out of the charging case.

Best earbuds under 2000

Also, with the noise-canceling feature, the product is true at blockading the environmental noise entirely, ensuing in the pleasure of track with the first-class sound quality. I actually felt no stress in sporting them for hours, and with the multifunction button, I can play/pause, grasp up/respond to calls, and even bounce to the subsequent music or the preceding track.

The Boult Audio AirBass Propods TWS comes in a black and white color version with a one-year warranty and seven-day replacement. With the battery, the product has a common backup of 5 hours 50 minutes on each charge. Also, it can be prolonged up to 4 times with the carrying cost case permitting me to play all day.

With the water-resistant, the product is rated as IPX5 with the nano-coating internal that is perfect whilst I exercising in the gym, especially for sweat and whilst washing. Also, I can use them one after the other after pairing successfully, and I now not solely skilled in stereo mode however additionally as monopods whilst taking part in taking calls and enjoying music.

Overall, the Boult Audio AirBass Propods TWS weighs ninety grams. They use the state-of-the-art 5.0 Bluetooth; for that, I can trip a quick and steady transmission barring any tangling, making sure a higher name performance. Also, with the box, the Boult Audio AirBass Propods TWS is loaded with a greater pair of earbuds, a charging micro USB cable, a consumer manual, Propods earphones, and a charging case.


  • Average battery lifestyles up to six hours
  • Good balance in transmission and exceptional in audio
  • Noise cancellation worked out well

2. Philips TAUT102BK Audio Upbeat Earbuds

Next to the Boult brand, you can think about buying the earbuds from Philips reachable below 2k. The Philips TAUT102BK TWS is one of the nice earbuds to have to get admission to manage to listen. I skilled no hardships whilst adjusting, skipping songs, pausing tracks, and responding or rejecting calls. The unique buttons on them and specialized their product with echo cancellation function and a built-in mic.

Best earbuds under 2000

With this echo cancellation feature, the product made an exquisite deal in removing the surrounding noises to maintain the audio crisp and clean, in particular when making calls. The 6 mm neodymium drivers additionally did their section highly well in turning in clear sound and punch dialogues.
The Philips TAUT102BK TWS has a battery backup of six hours on common then again it varies slightly depending upon the kind of audio I heard. Also, with the charging case, the product battery backup prolonged up to a standing hour of nine. This charging case does now not bother tons in becoming flawlessly inside my pockets.

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These earbuds are designed to be small to in shape concisely to our ears and to be honest, I felt no stress in my ears whilst sporting them. Also, if your ears want to be rested a bit, you can use the mono mode if you choose to free any of them. This used to be one of the widespread blessings for me.
Overall, the Philips TAUT102BK TWS is geared up with an oval acoustic tube ensuing in no relief and passive noise. This product weighs over 29g and is loaded with a charging case, rapidly begin guide, USB charging cable, and two extra ear-tips with the box.


  • The noise cancellation function eliminates the environmental voices successfully
  • Smart pairing consists of Bluetooth 5.0

3. boAt TWS 402 Wireless Earbuds

Among the pool of excellent earbuds to purchase below 2k, boAt TWS 402 is one of the quality ergonomically designed earbuds to supply top-class audio excellent at a common rate differentiation. They come in color versions of Bold Blue, Active Black, and Rose Gold White. The boAt issued a warranty of one 12 months and replacement of seven days on this product.

Best earbuds under 2000

With the battery, they stand up to up to 4 hours per cost average, and that can be prolonged up to 12 hours with the 450 mAh charging case, which is three instances of the normal battery backup. Also, with the on-the-spot voice assistant, the boAt TWS 402 woke my phone’s voice assistant with simply a double button-press. The air buds additionally consist of some different features like enjoying music, responding to calls and messages, checking the weather, and tons more.

The boAt TWS 402 is rated with IPX4 for water and sweat resistance whilst I exercise in the gym, specifically for sweat, and whilst washing, they’ve achieved a distinctly exact job with this. Also, the ergonomic plan has top-rate audio drivers accountable for handing over the best audio journey to us with that ergonomic finish.

Overall, the boAt TWS 402 weighs over sixteen g with one earbud 402, one charging case, one USB charging cable, two pairs of different earbuds with versions of S, M, L, and a person guide card.


  • Instant voice assistance control
  • Compact layout with Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • IPX4 water resistance and sixteen hours of battery backup

4. Noise Shots TWS Earbuds

The Noise Shots TWS is one of the excellent earbuds to get cost inside minutes to deliver a battery backup of hours. Yeah, you heard it right! Ten minutes of cost with the Noise Shots TWS can stand up to 80 minutes of playtime. These earbuds come in a color version of Icy Grey, Stealth Black, and Vivid Red with a one-year warranty and a replacement of seven days.

Best earbuds under 2000

The Noise Shots TWS is outfitted with effortless access with advanced touch controls and a built-in mic accountable for handing over a seamless personal experience and is enabling me to get entry to the Siri and Google assistant on my smartphone the usage of my voice with simply a contact whilst protecting my Shot Nuvo earbuds.

With the waterproof, the Noise Shots TWS is rated with IPX4 that worked nicely with my sweats and dust, particularly with the water. Also, with the connectivity, the Noise Shots TWS makes use of Bluetooth 5.0 inside vary of ten meters, and they are well suited with Android/ iOS.

Overall, the Noise Shots TWS is offered with a one-year assurance and a replacement of seven days. The Noise Shots TWS weighs 50 g, different loaded with one Bluetooth headphone, one charging case, one charging cable, two more ear tips, one consumer manual, and one warranty registration card.


  • Lightning charging and excellent battery backup
  • Bluetooth levels up to 10 meters
  • IPX4 rated water-proof

5. Mivi Duopods M40 TWS Earbuds

The Mivi Duopods M40 TWS is one of the strongest possessing connectivity earbuds as they consist of Bluetooth 5.0, offering greater easy connectivity. They come in a colour version of Carmine, which I preferred as they seem brilliant and blue and black as a coloration variation.

Best earbuds under 2000

With the private track companion, the Mivi Duopods M40 TWS performed a necessary function in removing the surrounding noises around, permitting me to journey the wonderful track I have with no stress on the earbuds.

Also, with the touch adaptive controls, I can manage my song listing with simply a tap of my ginger. Not only with the tracklist however additionally with the response/reject calls, and can additionally activate Siri/ Google voice assistant with the multi-function button.

I additionally loved enjoying tune whilst in the gym, especially all through rainy days, for the reason that the Mivi Duopods M40 TWS is splash-proof and sweatproof, permitting me to play worry-free. Also, the Mivi ensured a one-year guarantee on this product with an alternative provider of seven days.

With the battery, the Mivi Duopods M40 TWS can face up to up to a period of six hours, and with the charging case, it can be accelerated up to three times. Overall, the Mivi Duopods M40 TWS weighs 34g and is loaded with a Mivi Duopods, Charging capsule, Charging cable, Silicone Gel Tips, and consumer guide in the box.


  • The compact diagram made them lighter than ever to lift around
  • Audio excellent is good, especially with the bass
  • Insane battery backup

6. Lumiford Max TWS T55 Earbuds

The Lumiford Max TWS T55 is one of the nice great modern-day designed earbuds that can flawlessly go well with to deliver a pleasant song journey in a way greater at ease with the ergonomic fit. This product is ensured with a seven days replacement utilizing Lumiford.

Best earbuds under 2000

The product is included with a superior BlueTooth science that gave me plenty extra secure and secure connectivity with a range of 10M. I don’t have to raise my smartphone all the time, particularly at some point of calls. This function is well-matched with each Android and iOS.

The Lumiford Max TWS T55 is geared up with clever and handy contact controllers. With this all-in-one clever contact button, I can shortly respond/ reject the calls, forward/backward/skip the tracks, and also, with the triple tap, I am eligible to get entry to the Google/Siri voice assistance.

The Lunsford Max TWS T55 covered a very lightweight battery that can stand up to hours and prolong with the charging case up to 15 hours. Also, with the audio, the product had stereo earbuds with simply 6mm hi-Fi bass drivers.

Overall, the Lumiford Max TWS T55 weighs over only 4g, and they come in only a shade version of black. Also, the Lumiford Max TWS T55 is loaded with one earbud, charging case, warranty card, and a consumer manual.


  • Lightweight as a feather
  • Premium sound excellent and construct quality
  • Noise cancellation is excellent

7. Boult TWS Earbuds

The Boult TWS earbuds are excellent passive noise-canceling headphones that actually get rid of the surrounding noise with no traces. I felt no backyard disturbances, particularly with the road noise, as this product is properly at delivering superb audio quality.

Best earbuds under 2000

The Boult TWS is designed with today's Bluetooth 5.0, with wireless earbuds accountable for quick and stable connectivity with an extended high-quality microphone on hand for the duration of calls. They additionally covered an automated pair function with the system so that I don’t have to join all the time manually.

The Boult TWS consists of a multi-function button with which I am reachable to skip/previous/next track, respond/reject calls, and even get the right of entry to the Siri/Google voice assistance. Also, the monopod of this product function permits me to use the separate earbuds even after profitable pairing. With these specific earbuds, you can no longer only hear music however additionally can attend to calls.

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With the battery, the Boult TWS is presented with a playback time of 7.5 hours for every single charge, which can additionally be prolonged up to 24 hours which is 4 times higher than the popular charging usage of the charging case. Also, they are rated with IPX7, which can enable this product up to one meter underwater and even wash the earbuds and base.

Overall, the Boult TWS comes in three unique colors: Red, Grey, and Blue, weighing around ninety grams. Also, the Boult TWS is protected with proper bud earphones, a charging case, a charging micro USB cable, a person manual, and a greater pair of earbuds.


  • Good sound quality
  • I felt no pressure in sporting after countless hours
  • Tempting colorations and charging case is effortless to lift around

8. Wings TWS Earbuds

The Wings TWS has an excellent feature, specifically for the duration of calls, as they consist of dual mics that allow one for transmitting the voice and the different one for the cancellation of background noise. This is one of the excellent points in current days.

Best earbuds under 2000

With accessibility, the Wings TWS consists of a multi-function button. I am available to skip/previous/next track, respond/reject calls, and even get the right of entry to Siri/Google voice assistance. Also, with the pairing, I simply have to open up the case, and the earbuds get to join automatically with my machine beside any manual procedures.

The Wings presents a one-year warranty with the merchandise with a seven days replacement policy. With the low latency gaming, I get to trip the real-time sounds of each minute sound with crystal clear audio, and I should speak genuinely with the built-in mic.

With the battery, the Wings TWS has a common battery backup of six hours per single cost and an extra eighteen hours with the charging case. With the audio quality, the Wings TWS makes use of a superior graphene driver accountable for turning in a punchy bass perfect for all the genres that consist of EDM, rock, and blues.

Overall, the Wings TWS weighs over 200g and is loaded with a charging cable, three units of ear tips, one charging case, a consumer manual, and one pair of earbuds.


  • Good battery backup and Case quality
  • Perfect surround sound quality
  • Premium end and matches perfectly

9. Lenovo X18 TWS Earbuds

The Lenovo X18 TWS is a specifically designed earbud for people who desire to listen in their favor. This product consists of a mic and, and Lenovo created them to appear and experience like a trend accessory. This streamlined layout is ensured to make a relaxed listening experience.

Best earbuds under 2000

This product comes in a black and white color version; they are additionally insured with seven days of replacement policy with a six-month warranty. With the connectivity, the product makes use of an advanced BT V.5.0 that is a good deal well-matched with nearly any BT-enabled system like an android tablet, iPhone, Desktop computer, laptop computer computer, smartphones, and Windows Tablet.

With the battery, the Lenovo X18 TWS is now not a great deal bad however common as it feels difficult to display as they lack a backup capacity. With accessibility, the Lenovo X18 TWS consists of a multi-function button. I am available to skip/previous/next track, respond/reject calls, and even get the right of entry to Siri/Google voice assistance. Also, the product is rated with IPX4 for water resistance.

Overall, the Lenovo X18 TWS is excellent at keeping uninterrupted sound with an incredible Bass Sound excellent permitting me to experience crystal-clear audio. This product weighs around 180g and is loaded alongside a quick beginning guide, a USB charging cable, and one proper wireless earbud.


  • It suits perfectly with the cool LED looks
  • Touch sensors work well
  • The quality of sound is proper

10. Hammer Solo 3.0 TWS Earbuds

The Hammer Solo 3.0 has been designed differently, giving a longer look to the earbuds makes them fashionable in appearance. This design of the TWS earbuds helped me hold the stability between running and maintaining them from falling whilst performing exceptional things to do at some point of the day, making them the best match for any affair to me.

Best earbuds under 2000

With the battery, the Hammer Solo three TWS is provided with a playtime of up to 3.5 hours on a single cost and a standby time that can exceed up to one hundred twenty hours, preserving it handy and common for any form of operation. Also, the Hammer Solo three Truly wireless Earbuds allowed me to control call and song efficiently, power on and off, reply call, hang-up, reject, subsequent to or preceding song, quantity up & down control, and set off voice assistant and act as ear headphones.

The Hammer Solo TWS connectivity stages up to 10M touch manage auto-pairing sweatproof based plan earbuds with a four hundred mAh charging case with the connectivity. Also, the Hammer TWS Solo three has been geared up with the IPX3 global waterproofing requirements making them the best fit for water whilst I was once performing underneath various water sports.

Overall, the Hammer Solo TWS earbuds weigh over 250g and come in a color variant of Black and White. Are loaded with a personal manual, a micro USB charging cable, lengthy earbuds ear pointers various S/M/L.

  • Best Sound Quality
  • Good battery backup and best design
  • Easy connectivity and turning in excessive bass

Buyer’s Guide for Best Earbuds under 2000

Below are some of the major facets every person must keep in mind while buying an earbud.


Remember that the buds that the layout that simply hangs in your ears like the AirPods are extra cozy to put on over a lengthy duration however fall out very shortly whilst doing something fast-paced. On the different hand, the design that suits deep into your ears or comes with ear guide would possibly begin hurting your ears if used for a lengthy time. If you go for buds that in shape into your ear canal, make certain you pick a set with ear suggestions of special sizes.

User Interface

User Interface is one of the most fundamental factors that stand out from the terrible earbuds. The earbuds with the excellent UI will make you extra impartial of your smartphone and enable you to do greater with the buds themselves. If you have to attain out to your smartphone each time you have to bypass music or personalize volume, then the reason for having in reality wireless earbuds is definitely lost.

Battery and Resistance

The battery existence of each earbud and the charging case perform an essential position in TWS. Presently, manufacturers consist of their TWS merchandise with lightning cost and wi-fi charging, which is an extensive plus and most probably a futuristic one.

Final Words

However, we described each product with their specifications brought with the guide; it all in the end relies upon you. If you are a man or woman who considers a great deal about branding, then we would advocate you go for Lenovo TWS X18, which is a common price. If you are a man or woman who is involved greater about the rate and nothing about branding, we would opt for you to select the Mivi TWS earbuds, one of the growing brands. Thanks for reading our 10 best earbuds under 2000 in India 2021.

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