10 best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in India 2021

 Start with a couple of questions. How does one know needless to say that you simply are a music lover? does one crave to listen to the background noises, craning your neck, and replaying a scene just to experience the crescendo of instruments in your living room? Are you trying to find the best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in India 2021?

best home theatre under 5000 with Bluetooth in india
best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth

If so, this list could be perfect for you.

Music fanatics are always trying to emulate premium sound quality within the comfort of their homes. Budget-friendly and good quality often don’t go hand in hand. an honest audio system usually costs upwards of Rs. 5000, but there are exceptions. If you've got a touch more budget you'll choose home theaters under Rs 10000 also. This list contains a number of the simplest home theatres under Rs. 5000.

Most speakers are unable to require advantage of the newest technologies, like Dolby Atmos, DTS-X Atmos, et al. . However, these babies offer theatre-like sound quality right in your front room. So what’s the hold-up? Let’s begin!

best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in India 2021

Techabettor ranks the best 10 home theatre speaker systems that are under Rs 5000. If you're trying to find home theatre systems at a reasonable price, please scroll down. This list helps you to select the simplest budget home theatre system that most accurately fits your needs.

1. Philips SPA8140B/94

The fourth on the list is that the classic Philips. they need to be around the block for a short time and are critical players within the speaker industry. The SPA81040B/94 is their combat the budget-friendly speaker segment.

best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in india 2021

People who have bought the model are quite satisfied with the acquisition. They regard it not only as an honest value for money but as a superb entry-level option for first-time buyers. It’s loud, clear, and manages to see all requirements of any music fanatic out there.

Verdict: one among best speakers under the Rs 5000 segment with a lot of positive and customer feedback to back it up. With a tag of just over Rs 3000, it's a must-grab if you favor quality music.

2. Zebronics BT6860RUCF

Zebronics BT6860RUCF is another 5.1 home theatre speaker system; you'll get under Rs 5000. the gorgeous minimalist design and 70W total RMS output make Zebronics BT6860RUCF more attractive.

best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in india 2021

Also, BT6860RUCF features a wide selection of input support, including Bluetooth, AUX, and 5.1 RCA. It also has FM radio and USB support. a totally functional remote has both bass and volume adjustment.

Verdict: one among the simplest 5.1 home theaters under Rs 5000 with necessary connectivity features and attractive design.

3. Philips SPA4040B/94

SPA4040B/94 maybe a 5.1 channel home theatre system with an immersive sound experience from Philips. SPA4040B/94 loudspeaker may be a perfect add-on for Tv, music system, and PCs. The unique subwoofer configuration delivers a substantially more profound, wealthier bass.

best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in india 2021

Also, Philips SPA4040B/94 has several input options, including Bluetooth, AUX, 5.1 RCA USB, and SD card. The 5-inch subwoofer can provide a good sound output with an upscale bass effect.

Verdict: This is often one among the simplest 5.1 channel sound systems from Philips under Rs 5000.

4. Zebronics BT4440RUCF

From Zebronics, BT4440RUCF may be a Bluetooth-supported 4.1 channel home theatre system. Several input options make this audio system suitable for music systems, laptops, television, etc. It comes with a LED power indicator and a totally functional remote.

best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in india 2021

Even though it's a 4.1 audio system, the 60W total RMS clear sound output makes it an incredible home theatre. Its elegant look will add beauty to your front room. it's an honest home theatre to think about under Rs 5K.

Verdict: an honest 4.1 audio system you'll get at Rs 3000.

5. Philips Audio SPA5128B Bluetooth Multimedia Speakers

Philips SPA5128B maybe a 40W, 5.1 channel loudspeaker with excellent sound output. it's both wired and wireless connectivity options.

best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in india 2021

The beautiful matte finish body and therefore the LED display makes this loudspeaker an ideal partner for your television and personal computer.

Also, Philips SPA5128B comes with a 15W subwoofer with a 4-ich driver. And it can provide a fantastic surround sound experience. However, the main downside of this technique is that it doesn't have an FM radio option.

Verdict: this technique lacks an FM radio option. If you're not an excellent fan of FM radio and more about play songs from your smartphone and tv, then you'll consider Philips SPA5128B.

6. Philips IN-MMS6080B/94

It seems that Philips has an affinity for the budget segment. this is often the third speaker on the list offered by the corporate. It provides a well-rounded off design and comes with several input features. The sound quality is additionally crisp, with an honest little bit of bass thereto. Customers who have bought the merchandise reviewed it as an honest investment, worth every penny.

best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in india 2021

This particular looks quite attractive during a matte black finish. the foremost notable feature of the Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 is its long tubular design. due to this, you get to experience a long-lasting extended bass. Gamers and movie lovers prefer feeling the music once they watch an honest movie or playing competitively with friends. Philips offers a promising performance that will surely satiate your listening habits.

Verdict: Viable choice if you favor a decent audio system with clear and powerful bass, quite decent actually for a 2.1 channel.

7. iBall Tarang Classic

The musical community often underrates iBall, and therefore the iBall Tarang Classic is here to prove its worth. Place the woofer at any corner in your room, and you'll still hear the bass hitting your inner soul. This particular model offers massive output, even shadowing that of the legendary JBL speakers. The LED control is simply a bonus to the already attractive package.

best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in india 2021

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The iBall Tarang Classic comes with a 2.1 multimedia loudspeaker and accepts multiple inputs making it viable for various occasions. It also comes with two 10W satellite speakers and a 4-inch 20W subwoofer.

Verdict: If you're trying to find a 2.1 loudspeaker with a classic look and different connectivity options, then iBall Tarang Classic is an apt option for you.

8. F&D A521X

F&D may be a brand that needs little recognition. The 2.1 loudspeaker not only prioritizes power saving but is one among the simplest home theatres under Rs 5000. the tiny setup packs quite the punch and may give costlier models a run their money.

best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in india 2021

Verdict: Especially good sound quality for a transportable battery-run speaker. Best if you're happening road trips or hosting a little outdoor picnic.

9. LG – XBOOM Boom Blastic Multimedia Speakers

If you're trying to find a 2.1 speaker system under Rs 5000 for your desktop or gaming console, then LG – LK72B Boom Blastic Multimedia Speakers is that the ultimate option. In terms of sound quality and price, this loudspeaker would be an honest option.

best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in india 2021

LG – LK72B comes with a 5-inch subwoofer drive and features a total power output of 40W. The Bass Blast+ feature and therefore the advanced EQ provide deep bass and clear voice output.

The satellite speakers are wall mountable and a superb companion for your television. This loudspeaker system has both wireless and wired connectivity options. The wireless connectivity is via Bluetooth.

Verdict: This 40W 2.1 loudspeakers is going to be an honest choice to consider for your television or gaming console.

10. Creative SBS E2900

Creative speakers are documented for his or her sound quality. From creative SBS, E2900 maybe a 2.1 channel loudspeaker with 60W total power output. The MDF subwoofer can deliver deep and enjoyable bass to require your music experience to a subsequent level. This audio system has both wireless and AUX connectivity options.

best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in india 2021

The Backlit LED on the front of the subwoofer can provide a party ambiance. Also, it's a totally functional remote with bass and treble control.

Verdict: an honest 2.1 loudspeaker with excellent bass. most accurately fits for TVs and PCs. It can also be used as a bookshelf speaker.


Listed below a couple of belongings you should consider when you’re buying the best home theater under 5000 with Bluetooth in India. they're going to assist you to narrow down your approach and choose the right speaker for your taste:

Brand- search for suggestions within your brand.

Sound Quality- Shuffle products among that brand with better sound quality.

Features- Features as per requirements- Remotes, Portability, Batteries, Wireless connectivity, etc.

Budget- the simplest option within your budget.

Now that you simply have a considerable idea regarding what you would like, it’s time to go shopping. Good luck and happy listening!

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